Yes, what people do not realize is they already have us in a panopticon style prison and don't plan on releasing us ever.

Their MO is increasing surveillance and herding us into 15 minute cities.

These cities will not be as advertised by the WEF. You will have nothing and you won't be happy.

Unless of course you are happy to have your mind permanently wired to the internet and your body loaded with biotechnology.

Any income you receive will be tied to a social credit score. Food will include insect protein and laboratory grown meats.

ChatGBT is nothing but a further attempt to reign in human imagination into the world prescribed by these new totalitarians who simply want unlimited resources and control - for themselves - not for you and me.

Either we take them and this infrastructure down or they continue to take ours. We have already proven we cannot handle this digital technology.

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Funny I was just trying to figure out some stuff on my phone a couple days ago, stuff like how to tell if you’ve been blocked on fb or messenger for example and then what do 15m or 30m mean beside the friend’s photo or the green empty oval sign indicates what exactly. I’m not up to speed on all of the changes so I was looking for answers to my questions when Chat GPT appeared as one of the many choices that I could open the site for information specific to my typed in search. Chat GTP also filled a 15 minute segment a few days ago on a talk radio station we listen to sometimes but no dangers were mentioned and it was all positive except not going to be permissible for use in schools or universities because it can be used by a student who claims it is his own work when it’s actually chatGPT who provided the work and teachers and professors can get duped! There is speculation here that Trudeau goes to Chat GPT and asks it what shall I say in response to the allegations about my latest scandal and Chat GPT supplies Trudeau with an appropriate answer that is reflective of Trudeau’s Liberal leanings.

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A computer will spew out ONLY what it has been programmed to spew out. The "facts" that it has have been put into it. Any information that is not put into it, isn't there. If one puts in "the moon is made of green cheese," then someone seeking information about the composition of the moon will, at least in part, be told that it is made of green cheese. What an ingenious method of indoctrination! Put in what you want people to "know," convince them that AI would never "lie" or give them misinformation or disinformation, and encourage them to take the easy way out--in other words, don't think and research for yourself, and you've got control over what the masses think and know.

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OK, I think this is on topic. I'm gonna share something here that I have already posted over at the Mw Doc's place. I'm gonna "cut & paste" my comment below - I'm not sure how this will show up, but here goes - https://amidwesterndoctor.substack.com/p/what-really-happened-inside-the-covid/comments:


OK, I apologize if this is too far "off-topic", but I can't help myself sometimes and I decided to translate the "Russian" above back to English. Now, when I first got the translation that I posted above, I entered the same language I posted then (in English text). So, here is the translation going the other way starting with the Russian text.

~~the translated text ~~

I care most about the future and worry less and less every day about blaming others. I want justice as much as any other guy, but what I care about the most is the future. But I know that without justice, the future is bleak, so let's hope that justice will prevail. Just retribution is not revenge, it is justice required in response to intentionally caused harm.




I find it interesting that "little" changes you end up getting per this little study of language "translation"....... 1 to another and then from the other back to the 1.


Translations is important no doubt. Now, I'm not a lawyer, but per the us of a system you got "Laws" come out of Congress, or are they still "Bills".....whatever, if they get signed they are "rule of the land". Then the language of the "law" gets handed over to an executive branch entity for the purpose of implementation. Implementation results typically if done fairly in a proposed rule, followed by comment, and then a promulgated rule which can be referred to as a "regulation". Now, things get very tangled, but in general a don't think a "regulation" is actually the same as a "contract", but contracts may be subject to regulatory oversight. The more this is done transparently, then better for the citizens.


Thank-you for giving me the opportunity to post on the forum to present this long-winded rambling potentially off-topic post......


Regards to All,


ps - I should add there is a chance I used a different "translation" tool on the first translation, but the issue raised is still valid. Translation is critical and subject to "error" especially when folks ain't talking too much in the first place - not sitting around the table...


So, I took the liberty to edit out some superfluous spaces in the text above, but the point I'm trying to make I guess is that one "robot" can be compared against "another", and they both are programmed, so we know they are robots - but do some comparisons, and then it is evident their flaws which are many.....not as if "humans" ain't flawed, but let us agree - humans are not robots.




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Hello Joe. This is RA of Cafecito Break. Looking forward to our interview. Happy to be hosting such an important subject on the show. Congratulations on your book!

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