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Workshop Session 15: Psychological Immunity

Next session: Pathocracy and psychiatry

In this session we finished our discussion of Chapter 6, covering the sections on “Natural Immunization” and “Understanding.” Specific topics included:

  • the psychological phenomena of adaption that develop after years under pathocratic rule

  • how these mechanisms promote survival, negotiation, and the eventual dissolution of pathocracy

  • Lobaczewski’s experience of immunization in reference to two of his arrests, separated by 17 years

  • immunity means that pathocratic terror ceases to have a freezing effect – it is seen as routine buffoonery

  • the manner in which people under pathocracy are able to co-govern, i.e. through interpersonal skillful suggestion and influence on receptive members of the Party

  • how the social bonds that develop between normal people are stronger than those in many non-pathocratic countries

  • how previous social divisions and classes become largely irrelevant – previously combative classes come to see each other as all in it together, united against a common enemy

  • the new unity is rooted in a shared common humanity; the pathocracy is united in a shared psychopathology

  • despite this “classless society” of a sort, excellence is still recognized and respected, a kind of natural aristocracy

  • how constant mental effort unleashes genius and creativity

  • how does this map to Dabrowski’s theory of positive disintegration?

  • the tendency to turn to “counter-history” to understand the present and how we got here

  • the dangers of foreign influence and political/economic forms on nations emerging from out of pathocracy

  • low-level chronic neurosis as a mass response to pathocracy, as well as suppressed emotion that leaks out in inappropriate ways

  • “It’s all so tiresome.”

  • Theoretical ponerology as a means of providing artificial immunity for those who haven’t experienced pathocracy for themselves.

  • …and more!

Next week we will discuss Chapter 7: “Psychology and Psychiatry under Pathocratic Rule,” pages 271-284.

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