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Workshop Session 21: A Vision of the Future

And thus ends the political ponerology reading workshop

This session covers the final chapter of Lobaczewski’s book, and some odds and ends from the appendices. Clocking in at 21 sessions in total, we covered an average of 16 pages per session over the course of the workshop. This has been the most in-depth coverage of the book available anywhere online to date, summarizing its content, tracking its concepts through the chapters, and providing some real-world examples. Over the course of the series, our participants brought much to the table, including insightful questions, comments, analysis, and anecdotes (both personal and historical).

In this session, we covered the following topics:

  • how Lobaczewski’s future vision (logocracy) is threaded through the entire book

  • the psychology of doing things: taking into account the past and the present, providing a direction for achieving a goal in the future

  • the exercise of envisioning the future is also an educational activity

  • future possibilities are dependent upon present realities, and an incorrect understanding of the present can lead to pipe-dream visions

  • why democracy and/or capitalism cannot be successfully imposed on many countries, and shouldn’t be

  • not all privileged classes are pathocratic, but they will all do whatever they can to hold on to their position

  • the first step of a new system is recreating the sociopsychological structure: socio-occupational adaptation and a system that promotes self-realization

  • taking into account secular cycles in reform and reconstructing sociopolitical systems

  • reverting to pre-pathocratic forms isn’t feasible; they become outdated and reimplementing them will revert to even more primitive forms

  • economics should be a secondary consideration next to realistic psychological and social ones; a good economy will flow from the latter

  • and more!

Now that we are finished with the workshop, I will be running regular Zoom Q&A’s and discussions on various themes. I will send out dates and times to paid subscribers soon. And in the future, once Logocracy is published, I will be running a similar workshop for that book. In the meantime, thank you to everyone for participating and watching!

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