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Workshop Session 19: Forgiveness

Next week: Ideologies and Immunity

In this session we cover the next section of Chapter 9: “Forgiveness.” Specific points of discussion include:

  • the gap created by the liberalization of legal punishments for crime, without a corresponding method to stifle ponerogenesis

  • the ineffectiveness of many forms of punishment

  • the proposed role of psychotherapy in justice and crime prevention

  • the practical and philosophical justifications for amnesty or forgiveness

  • the contingencies of falling under the influence of psychopaths in environments outside of one’s control, and possible mitigation of responsibility in such cases

  • mitigation of punishment does not necessarily mean doing nothing, but forced supervision and perhaps institutionalization get a bad rap today

  • the similar gap that opened by shutting down the mental asylums

  • the threat of revenge as a factor keeping pathocrats in charge; they will do almost anything to hold onto power

  • how pathocrats lose the ability to do normal work; and that needs to be taken into account when “depathologizing” the system

  • how the notion of forgiveness insults the vengeful feelings of some (or many), but how living under pathocracy seems to make it a live option for several reasons

  • and more!

Next week we will cover the rest of the chapter: “Ideologies” and “Immunization.” The Zoom session will be Saturday, April 20, 12:30 pm EDT (9:30 am PDT).

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