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Workshop Session 18: Truth as Therapy

Next session: Forgiveness

In this session we covered the first two sections of Chapter 9 (“Therapy for the World”). This included the opening pages and “Truth is a healer.” Specific topics:

  • like untreatable disease of the past, pathocracy can be cured with modern knowledge

  • how modern sociopolitical forms leave open a gap in which pathocracy grows

  • the sorry state of modern prisons and sentencing

  • response to pathocracy will require self-sacrifice on the part of societies

  • psychotherapy, like ponerogenesis, scales – the same techniques work on large populations

  • morality alone is necessary but insufficient; it needs to be supplemented with ponerology

  • effective world therapy will require offensive and defensive operations

  • reforms will not be possible in this period of polarization; they will require the unification of a constructive phase in the secular cycle

  • should psychopaths be screened out from having children?

  • the purpose of therapy: bringing to consciousness uncomfortable truths and repressed material

  • the roadblocks to therapy in pathocratic countries vs. normal countries

  • the limits of therapy on psychopaths

  • and more

Next week we will cover the rest of Chapter 9, starting with section “Forgiveness.” The meeting is set for Saturday, April 13, at 12:30 pm EDT (9:30 am PDT).

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