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Workshop Session 20: Ideology and Immunity

Next week: Final session!

In this session we covered the final two sections of Chapter 9, covering the topics of ideologies and immunity in the context of world therapy. Specific points of discussion include:

  • how should a former pathocracy approach the ideology under which they have lived?

  • ideology should be analyzed in terms of its original form and its pathocratic caricature, even if its original form was ponerogenic – in order to discern its actual strengths and weaknesses

  • criticism of ideology is important, but should always take a back seat to understanding its use as a Trojan horse for pathocratic motivations; simply criticizing its errors does not rob it of its actual function (take note, theorycels)

  • all nineteenth-century political ideologies oversimplified human nature and social reality, not just communism

  • there’s how a system is supposed to work, and then there is the influence of ponerogenic networks who derail its operation

  • the pros and cons of professionals diagnosing leaders (and foreign personalities)

  • should only heads of state be screened for psychopathy, or individuals on all social levels?

  • pathocracy disrupts the natural life cycle of ideologies, and the creative and evolutionary role of human common sense and experience that refines them; and prompts a polarized and exaggerated reaction to the deformed (and stunted) version of the ideology

  • the danger of following into the pathocratic “semantic trap” even once, which degrades one’s ability to think (i.e., don’t use their words)

  • the bad officers in Sharpe (starring Sean Bean) as examples of pathological egotism, and Sharpe’s reaction to them as an example of immunization

  • how therapy, especially in the form of simply conveying basic truths, can provide a form of this immunization

  • such immunization strengthens the natural immunity gained by people living under pathocracy, and creates a form of artificial immunity for those who lack the experience

  • and more

The next, and final, session will take place on Saturday, May 4, at 12:30 pm EDT (9:30 am PDT). There will be no session this weekend.

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