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Workshop Session 1: Beyond Right/Left

Next Session: Chapters 1 and 2

In the first session of the new ponerology book workshop, we briefly covered some of the introductory material, as well as some assorted topics like:

  • the history of the study of authoritarianism, and why leftwing authoritarianism has only been studied in the last several years

  • the right/left dichotomy, and why Lobaczewsi’s normal/pathological is better

  • how pathocrats use ideology and partisan politics to their advantage

  • why decentralization of power is useful as a means to prevent and combat pathocracy

  • how psychopaths do not view reality through normal human “lenses”—it’s all about power games

  • and more!

During the next session, we will be discussing Chapter 1 (Introduction) and part of Chapter 2 (“Some Indispensable Concepts”), up to the subsection “Society.” For readers with the print copy, this will be pages 1 through 38.

The next session is scheduled for December 9 and 12:30 pm.

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