Workshop Session 10: More Pathocracy

Next session: Imposed pathocracy

Today we looked at the “More on the Contents of the Phenomenon,” “Pathocracy and Its Ideology,” and “The Expansion of Pathocracy.” Specific topics included:

  • Why pathocracy extends downward, and what that means for economics, culture, science, etc.

  • Pathocratic demographics, and why a large normal population in an eternal threat to its power.

  • Why patriots and those with military training are one of the biggest threats to pathocrats.

  • The “dissimulative phase” of pathocracy as both the most psychopathic and (somewhat paradoxically), the most mild.

  • Would a pathocracy today be even more stable and resilient than pathocracies of the past? Or would its weaknesses also be magnified?

  • The ultimate goal of pathocrats: conversion or destruction of normal humanity.

  • Dual-use ideology: as an internal means of control and as an external propaganda mask.

  • The many uses of pathocratic war, including destruction of large numbers of their own population (who are potential threats to their rule).

  • Why pathocrats fear forgiveness.

  • And more!

Next session, we will finish Chapter 5 (“Imposed Pathocracies” and “General Considerations”). For readers with the print copy, this will be pages 218-238.

The next session is scheduled for Saturday, February 17, at 12:30 ET (9:30 PT).

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