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Workshop Session 13: Normal People

Next week: From the perspective of time

In this workshop we cover the first section of Chapter 6: “Normal People under Pathocratic Rule.” Specific topics:

  • how pathocrats think that they can change the nature of normal people, but can’t (they just traumatize them through propaganda and terror)

  • why pathocrats can’t grasp that the reason is human nature, and not the influence of foreigners or old ideologies

  • the traumatizing/personality-deforming effects of pathocracy on normal people (e.g. numbing of conscience, vulgarization of language, over-control of emotion)

  • the long-lasting psychological effects on the character of people in post-pathocratic nations (like Eastern Europe)

  • how youths are protected until school age, but their adolescent years are deeply affected by pathological material – the worst results are in those who are born into a pathocracy

  • how those who haven’t lived in a pathocracy might think they understand it, until they experience it for themselves and are disillusioned

  • the self-protection mechanisms normal people develop to survive and maneuver within the system (adaptation and resourcefulness)

  • what therapists can do for those who have suffered under pathocracy to ameliorate the negative effects

  • does what Lobaczewski describe correlate to what is going on in Canada and the U.S.?

  • how communist “brainwashing” and “mind-programming” were actually effects of psychopathic influence

The next workshop will cover the second section of Chapter 6: “From the perspective of time.” This will cover pages 247-257.

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