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Workshop Session 14: Adapting to Pathocracy

Next session: Immunization and Understanding

This week we discuss the second section of Chapter 6: “From the Perspective of Time.” It covers some of the knowledge normal people gain after years of living under pathocracy, and how they adapt to the “new reality.” Specific topics include:

  • how a person without direct experience of pathocracy experience shock, confusion, and disillusionment when they finally experience it for themselves

  • generally, the initial response to pathocracy is traumatic, numbing emotions, slowing down thought processes and mental clarity

  • some written psychological terror techniques from the Stasi – they knew what they were doing

  • the first new realization: we are more talented than the pathocrats, and they need us, not the other way around

  • the importance of religion, moral values, and cultural tradition as pillars for resistance

  • resistance is correlated with emotional-instinctive normality, not IQ

  • the knowledge people gain is hermetic, both held in secret and not communicable to outsiders

  • this new knowledge provides a new resourcefulness for dealing with and surviving a pathocracy

  • a new language develops, borrowing from pathocratic doublepeak, but mocking it tying normal people together

  • the positive role of individuals who have already experienced pathology up close, as children of personality-disordered parents

  • the exceptionally intuitive, who learn pathocratic doublespeak like a second language, and use this understanding to help others navigate life

  • and more

Next week we will attempt to finish Chapter 6, pages 257-270.

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