Workshop Session 9: Pathocracy

Next session: More pathocracy

In this session we started Chapter 5, covering the first sections introducing the concept of pathocracy. Some specific topics included:

  • how the main phases of the development of pathocracy are colored by different personality disorders

  • how schizoids start the cycle, penning manifestos and philosophies

  • how characteropaths weaponize the ideologies for mass consumption and revolutionary ends

  • how psychopaths then infiltrate the movement, further distorting the ideology into a dual-layered, psychopathic caricature

  • the roles of men and women during different phases, and the sexual demographics of personality disorders

  • why pathocracies shouldn’t be called by their ideologies, which are mostly meaningless tools for a psychopathic agenda that doesn’t take the ideology seriously

  • Lobaczewski’s politics as a mix of liberal and conservative elements, influenced by Catholic social teaching

  • and more!

For the next session, read the next sections of Chapter 5 (stopping at the beginning of “Imposed Pathocracies”). For readers with the print copy, this will be pages 196-218.

The next session is scheduled for Sunday, February 11. Take the poll below to let me know which of the two times available works for you.

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